you open browser tabs

we plant trees

How it works

1. Install in seconds

It’s easy to download in a few clicks and it’s free forever!

2. Browse like usual

Only now with beautiful background images and a small ad

3. Make an impact

Make a difference just by opening new browser tabs

Your impact

Reforest Madagascar

Madagascar has lost more than 90% of its original forests. Only less than 10% is left.

Restore habitat for animals

About 75% of animal species on Madagascar is unique to the country and is nowhere else found in the world.

You also help local villagers out of poverty, and reduce CO2 in the air.

What our users say


I've always wanted to do more for the environment. And now I can! I love knowing that I'm making an impact with opening tabs.



It is so easy to use, and instead of an empty white background, I now see a beautiful image. And planting trees in the meantime!



I love the idea of contributing to a better world just by doing something I do anyway, everyday. By far the easiest way to do good!


Every tree matters.

Every 1.2 seconds, an area of trees the size of a football field gets destroyed.
That’s why every tree matters.