Tree planting certificates

On this page we publish how many trees we have planted every month

As of August 2022 Eden Reforestation Projects does not provide certificates anymore for partners below a certain monthly donation threshold. 

You can still find us here on the Eden Reforestation Projects website.

August 2022

For the month of August we planted another 300 trees, making a total of 7.660 trees planted!

July 2022

347 more trees added to our forest in Madagascar!

June 2022

Another 400 trees planted for the month of June! We just passed the 7.000 trees planted in total. Keep up the good work everyone! 

May 2022

Unfortunately from this month onwards, planting trees has become 50% more expensive. As a result, we can plant less trees for the same donations. However, this will not stop us at making an impact. 

We will continue our efforts to make the world a better place together with you.

April 2022

For the month of March we planted 380 trees. Thanks everyone for the great support so far!

March 2022

For the month of March we planted 740 trees. We are slowly building up our forest thanks to you! You can tab yourself on the shoulders for your help. Great work!

February 2022

For the month of February we planted 485 trees. This month we will continue to build more features to generate more revenue for planting trees. Let’s go!

January 2022

For the month of January we only planted 340 trees due to a low stream of ad revenue. This is because marketing budgets of companies are lower in January after the holidays in December.

December 2021

For the month of December we planted 710 trees. Step by step we’re building a little forest together. Keep up the good work Treetabbers!

November 2021

For the month of November we planted 900 trees. The amount is still small, but it’s a start. We’re working hard to make a bigger impact every month.