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It’s quite simple actually.

Every time you open a new tab in your Chrome browser, instead of seeing a blank space, you’ll see a beautiful background with a small ad at the bottom of the page.

This ad brings in revenue just for being visible on each new tab, which we will donate to plant trees in Madagascar.

In each tab you will see a dashboard with some statistics (how many trees you have contributed and how many trees we have planted in total), as well as some options for your account.

TreeTab is completely free for you!

Basically, the tree planting gets funded by our advertising partner(s).
This depends on several factors, like on the amount we receive per 1000 views of an ad, and the number of tabs you open on your device.

When you open a new tab, you will see a dashboard on the right side showing you how many trees you have helped plant.
We have partnered up with Eden Reforestation Projects to plant the trees on the north-east coast of Madagascar.

Why Madagascar?

This beautiful country has already lost more than 90% of its original forests! It’s also home to many animal species that are nowhere else on the planet!
We mainly plant mangrove trees.


These are needed the most in these areas, and have many benefits:

– They provide protection for shorelines against storms, waves, and hurricanes. – They provide hotspots for many animals, like turtles, alligators, snakes, birds, and fishes. – They filter pollutants from the water and ensure healthy waters and healthy land for locals. – They capture and store a lot of CO2 from the air. Mangrove forests are known to store 2-4 more CO2 than rainforests!
With each tree you will help restore natural habitat for endangered species, help locals out of poverty, and help reduce CO2 from the air (308kg CO2 to be pricise).

And all that for free while simply opening tabs!
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